I am a seaman who loves reading and writing, any interested and useful information … I will be share in my personal blog, it be able to reach my aspiration. “I will share everything with you but, not you” Hot smile
My name should be called Coyote ‘ShipChecker’.

Work Experience, various local and foreign companies;

Navigate ever passing the boundary line 180 ° east longitude to the west longitude where as it crosses the longitude of the day or date in the 1 day rollback. And also sailed along a row 360 ° in 1 voyage.
By traversing the whole earth, it means to have felt the earth is round. All that is mercy, the blessing and abundance of God.
Both experiences are the experience of navigating save many stories.
My experience working on board based on ship type and type is started from Tanker, cargo then Delivery Vessel, Ocean Tug, Offshore experienced.
Basic DPO at the Italian Maritime Academy, Kongsberg – end of 2012
Advance DPO in Singapore L-3 DP & Control System – mid 2013
Before full DPO experienced; MT, Kongsberg, Converteam, L3.
Full DPO beginning 2015 Nautical Institute Lodon.
After full DPO experienced; Kongsberg K-Pos, MT, Converteam
Current Positions SDPO / Master / CH.Off AHTS DP2 & PSV DP2.


My activity now is as safe as popeye sailor.
On this blog I write and summarize what I consider useful for hobbies and work. Intentionally to be able to just share if fellow comrades – friends sailors need the same thing on this blog.
I write this blog is not at all menggagu my work on the ship. I am writing in offline mode when it iso or relaxing in a cabin whether the ship is on a voyage, in the middle of the sea or near the harbor. Until the right moment get internet connection then post to blog.

Hobbies & Interests:

The so-called hoby is not the main job but the popular activity is in leisure time.
My Hoby to the world of entertainment music certainly many people would love to hear music. Sometimes singing on the bridge alone alone on duty. Box 6 hours nonstop music does not stop .. just a small swivel volume, between hearing and do not hear his voice .. accompanied by a cup of coffee with no sugar.

Having a sports hoby at least once a week should exercise at least. As the expression of health “no matter how busy do not forget to exercise” quoted article in sharing a friend.

Have a hobby noton movie, also a hobby of reading the Bible, happy to hear the wisdom of God’s Word (if this is no longer hoby but main). Nice to read marine publication book, internet, blog writing, read news-brita. The craze of playing games both offline and online is currently declining. Also can create self hosting website. Hoby also collects various interesting articles .. inspirational words, quotes etc.